Gardening time

If you look at the photo above, you will see a corner of our tiny garden in Edinburgh.  It proceeds up the steps from the garden room and the library, around the corner to the first level where we have a table and a couple of chairs for al fresco dining, and up again onto the long triangular lawn.  This ends in a bricked point with a large cherry tree and a wrought iron bench.  All the gardens between the backs of two crescents are walled on all sides at chest height.  We are South-East facing, rather damp and don’t seem to get a lot of sun.

Here it is that we would like to grow some veg and more herbs.  We are having to get some professional and organically sympathetic help in as despite our best efforts to date, not much seems to grow except for a couple of helleborus and some honeysuckle.  We are up for raised beds and more dwarf fruit trees to join our apple and quince. The weather seems to be brightening, so we shall see.


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