Books on Herbalism

I use a wide range of books for guidance, how-to and the delight of reading how others navigate their way when making herbal remedies, lotions and potions. My very favourite so far is this by James Green; he manages to combine extraordinary amounts of really useful information with a sense of fun, good writing and a clear love and reverence for plants, herbs, gardens and all things green. Is it in the name? Anyway I come back to him for the nitty gritty on how much of this with that to entice the most effective biochemical union, and top tips on making your creams sit up properly, your lotions slide unctuously and your ointment smell delicious. Oh, and of course there’s the Gin Grand Marnier…

James Green “The Herbal medicine Maker’s Handbook – A Home Manual

Julie Bruton Seal and Matthew Seal’s books are ones I return to again and again:

“Hedgerow Medicine – Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies”


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